Plans and Pricing

Available Plans

Individual Newborn-55 $50/mo
Individual age 55-65‡ $75/mo
Individual age 65‡ $100/mo
Family (3+ members) includes all family members between the ages of newborn-65* $150/mo

There will be a $50.00 registration fee per individual and family

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Additional member benefits

  • House calls - $99/visit for members or $149/visit for non-members (such as extended family members)
  • Dietary counseling - coming soon
We partner directly with you, not your insurance provider. We provide primary, acute and chronic care ALL FOR A LOW MONTHLY FEE. It’s simple, convenient and very affordable when you need it!

All plans include:

  • Unlimited number of office visits Included
  • Access via phone call, email or text Included
  • Annual wellness and prevention visits Included
  • Acute injuries or illnesses Included
  • Care of Chronic Medical conditions Included
  • No co-pay Included
  • No deductibleIncluded
  • Generic medications  discounted
  • Labs and x-rays*discounted

* Ah, the asterisk. You were looking for the catch, weren't you! There is no catch to our member plans, but we do have to cover the actual cost of the supplies used, such as sutures and IV bags. All of our costs are discussed before the procedure is performed - no one likes suprise bills!

We cannot accept Medicaid and Medicare patients at this time.

Our Benefits

Our members have access to services such as in-person house calls and dietary counseling at a reduced rate through our direct pay model of primary care.

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Our Services

Our members enjoy unlimited access to our doctors, the ability to text or call, and in-office procedures at cost. It's a revolutionary way to provide better medicine.

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Our Doctors

Our doctors are committed to serving their patients in a true health-first manner, by focusing on health and not hassle through a direct relationship with patients.

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