Additional Member Benefits

Choice Physicians Group members have access to other discounted, direct pay health and medical services to help you be an even healthier you. It's one more way we provide healthcare simplified.

House Calls

Gleb Gluhovsky, PA-C, a Physician Assistant with 13 years of emergency medicine experience, provides house calls in the Kansas City area for a discounted rate for Choice Physicians Group members. Yes! House calls in the 21st century!

Gleb will visit your home, and provide medical services for $99** a visit. As always, your Choice Physicians Group doctor is available for consult via telemedicine, making the house call an extension of the great care you receive during in-office visits. Have a visiting relative who gets sick? Gleb will also treat a non-member, such as an extended family member, for $149** a visit.

Real life examples:

  1. Horrible migraine hits. Your normal medicine and care procedures just aren't cutting it. 
  2. A mom wants her sick child seen at home so the child can stay in bed and not be made to wait at the doctor's office.
  3. You have small cuts maybe needing glue, staples, or a couple stitches, but not need to go through the hassle of the emergency room.
  4. Your elderly mother needs a medical expert to check on her every week, or so, in her home to make sure she is doing well.
  5. Travel takes you out of town and you want a medical expert to see your family member.

With a quick call or text, you can request a house call with Gleb. He will visit you at your house, and provide the service or medication needed. You would then have the house call fee of $99** plus the cost of the meds added to your next month's member fee. 

** Prices listed are introductory


Dietary Counseling

Choice Physicians Group is committed to your whole health, and good eating is a very important part! Coming soon - discounted dietary counseling for our members. Interested? Let us know.

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