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What is Direct Primary Care?

Growth of direct primary careDirect primary care is not a new concept, but rather a return to an old-fashioned direct relationship between patient and doctor. The direct primary care trend is sweeping the nation as the answer to continually rising costs for primary care that is getting harder to access and more impersonal.

With the direct primary care model, a fixed membership fee covers unrestricted access to your doctor and in-office services. No co-pay. No deductible. No insurance required. Like a health club membership, but for healthcare. We accept a limited number of patients which enables us to spend more time with you to make your health care MORE about you and LESS about the COST.

Why Direct Primary Care?

Direct primary care is ideal for many different groups of people, including:

  • Patients who value wellness/preventative care and want to stay healthy.
  • Patients with HSA’s and /or high-deductible health plans
  • Businesses looking to provide an outstanding health benefit to their employees
  • Patients who value their time and want to see their doctor or communicate with their doctor in a convenient manner


geriatric-doctorIs Direct Primary Care the future of medicine?

The Business Insider recently published an article explaining exactly what Direct Primary Care is and how the model is growing.

Read the article





Have questions about Direct Primary Care?

Visit our frequently asked questions page to get answers to many common questions about the direct primary care, service details, and more.

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