Tobie Bisges, MPAS, PA-C

tobie headshotA little about me

I have always felt strongly that all human beings deserve healthcare and have desired to impact the lives of others for the better. I first became familiar with Physician Assistants while in the Army. I was excited to see what all a PA could do. and that the training paralleled or often was side by side with the physicians.

When I completed PA school, I took the first opportunity to provide healthcare to people who were homeless or had little insurance. I had the privilege to serve in this capacity for nearly the first decade of my career. Along the way I got to know some of the smartest and dynamic women I have ever met, all of whom were nuns. Nuns do not waste resources or lose track of the mission and really know how to effectively administer programs.

Primary Care does not need to be expensive, especially when you pay attention to your goals and use your resources wisely. Taking the time to listen to our patients with an open mind and heart is among the best investments we can make as clinicians.

My Training

I graduated with honors from Wichita State University with a Bachelors of Health Sciences PA, William Jewell College with a Bachelors of Nursing and the University of Texas Pan Am with a Master’s of Physician Assistant Studies. I am a Distinguished Fellow in the American Academy of Physician Assistants and have over 25 years of clinical practice.


Tobie Bisges, MPAS, PA-C
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