Dr. Mark Holcomb

dr.mark 2A little about me

My biggest dream as a kid in Iowa was always to be a doctor and take care of patients.  After 40 years of living that dream I still love what I do and still want to do it better. This new practice gives me that opportunity.  I get to do something simple and smart in Direct Patient Care.  Healthcare simplified for my patients.  I care for of a limited number of great patients.  This gives the patient plenty of time to talk and ask questions.  We can really get to know each other.  I want my patients to feel like family.

My Training

The University of Iowa accepted me for medical school. I came to Kansas City to train with one of the great mentors in my life in the Emergency Medicine at Truman.  My first two partners and I practiced together for 30 years. I now practice emergency medicine with my daughter and teach residents, medical students, and paramedics. My interests have been wide.  Flight medicine, hyperbarics and wound care, EMS, and a MBA.  I love new technology and new ways of doing medicine better.  Direct Patient Care is a new way of doing medicine better.

Dr. Mark Holcomb
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